May 20, 2022

Top Canadian REITs


As we mentioned in our Canadian REITs introduction; there are enough Canadian REITs that you can now buy a ETF following this specific index. This is to give you an idea of how many REITs there are in Canada!


In order to make your life easier, we have pulled out what we call the Top Canadian REITs List. In order to build this list, we have taken several factors into consideration:


–          Minimum dividend yield of 3%

–          Positive 5 year annual revenue growth

–          Positive 5 year annual dividend growth

–          Positive 5 year annual income growth (except BRE)


Here’s the Top Canadian REITs list:


SymbolCompany NameDividend Yield5 Yr Annual Revenu Growth5 Yr Annual Income Growth5 Yr Annual Dividend Growth
BPOBrookfield Office Properties Inc.3.722.349.930.92
REI.UNRioCan REIT5.511.5431.891.35
FCRFirst Capital Realty Inc.4.69.5616.290.99
BEI.UNBoardwalk REIT3.611.23N/A41.46
REF.UNCanadian REIT44.7323.941.94
PMZ.UNPrimaris REIT5.911.26N/A1.74
CUF.UNCominar REIT6.518.090.853.89
AP.UNAllied Properties REIT5.523.2123.311.49
AX.UNArtis REIT7.849.27N/A8.91
NPR.UNNorthern Property REIT5.212.8930.492.79
MKPMCAN Mortgage Corporation7.86.999.268.61
BREBrookfield Real Estate Services Inc.8.44.16-3.096.25
BEK.BBecker Milk Company Ltd. (The)