January 21, 2018


If you found this site, you might know me from The Dividend Guy Blog or from my other site; What is Dividend. If you don’t know these 2 sites, make sure to bookmark them as well. My main goal may be obvious, it’s to make dividend investing easy and fun for everybody!

Why Should You Bookmark Canadian Dividend Stock?

This newsletter is a bit more specific as I only talk about the Canadian market. I will use this tool to give you the latest stockanalyses on Canadian Dividend Stocks, updates on the dividend stocks on my radar along with Canadian dividend stock news.

As you can see on the site, there is still a lot to cover. So far, you have over 50 stocks that have been listed and I expect to put up to 200 over the upcoming year.

I’ll send you an email each time a sector is completed so you can take a look!

Plus, each time I have some interesting news, I’ll send it to you!

Here is the past archive:

Nov 23rd 2011: 5 Canadian Dividend Stocks That Pay You To Wait