January 21, 2018

Canadian Dividend Stock Resources

As a Canadian investor, I’m always looking for the best resources to help me building my dividend portfolio. You will find on this page, Canadian dividend resources. There are obviously more investing websites if you look at American sites but I wanted to provide you with Canadian only resource for this site.

Investing Sites

What is Dividend


Globe Investor



Bloomberg Canada

BNN Canada

Canadian Business

Financial Post


Dividend Stock Screeners

Globe Investor Stock Screener

TMX Stock Screeners

Stock Charts Stock Screener

How The Market Works Stock Screener

Trade Ideas Stock Screener


You Want To Know When To Buy or Sell? Here’s a Free Investing Tools

Once you have found the Canadian dividend stock you want to buy according to your metrics, you might want to know when it’s the best time to buy shares. An easy trick is to follow the trend of the stock (technical analysis). I’ve found this free trend analysis tool that will give you with an easy to understand report that will give you hint as of where the stock is heading.

INO Trend Analysis (Technical Analysis)

I use INO Trend Analysis each time I am about to buy a new stock in my portfolio. This allows me to avoid buying stocks that are about to break technical support. Click here for a free stock analysis.

Canadian Dividend Blogs & Forum

While some of those sites don’t cover 100% Canadian topics or don’t always talk about dividend investing, they are all written and maintained by Canadians.


The Dividend Guy Blog

Canadian Money Forum

Passive Income Earner

Dividend Monk

Barel Karsan

Dividend Ninja