January 21, 2018


Congratulations! By visiting Canadian Dividend Stock, you just made your very first step into the Canadian Dividend Investing World! My Name is Mike, and I am 30 and married with 2 young kids (William; 6 and Amy; 4). I work in the financial industry (my day job) and I run an online company with my best friend Additionally, I am the author behind The Financial Blogger (since 2006) and The Dividend Guy Blog (since August 2010). More recently, I have created a unique resource for dividend investor; What Is Dividend? I’ve decided to enlarge the dividend family with Canadian Dividend Stock as I think there is a lack of information for Canadians who are looking to invest in the stock market.


So why go dividend investing? Because it’s cool!

Over time, dividend investing has outperformed the stock market while providing less volatility (read less headaches!). I think that you can build a solid dividend portfolio and make it grow until you live off your dividend payouts at retirement.


I favor dividend investing for 3 reasons

#1 Dividend Investing is Easy to Understand – A prestigious financial background is not required if you follow simple and time-tested investing principles.

#2 Dividend Investing is Perfect for Lazy People – Not much time is required once you learn the basic principles and how to select your stocks.

#3 Dividend Investing, if Done Right, Equals Receiving Money Each Month!– Dividend payouts are periodic.


I think Canadian Dividend Stocks offer great opportunities


#1 We have solid Canadian Banks that should be used to build the core of your portfolio

#2 We have great Telecoms adding more punch to your dividend payouts

#3 We have plenty of other dividend hidden gems that is yours to discover through this site!



Through this website, I want you to be able to build, manage and successfully receive dividends from your portfolio. I’m here to answer all you questions so don’t hesitate to send me an email at thefinancialblogger at gmail dot com.