May 25, 2022

5 Canadian Stocks That Pay You To Wait




How are you holding off with your portfolio? The ride is pretty rough, right? Given the current economic uncertainty and high market volatility, I think it’s important to look for dividend paying stocks. While you have to wait to see the market bounce back, you get at least dividend payouts in the meantime.


I’ve put up 5 interesting Canadian Dividend Stocks for you to look at:


Low Dividend Payout (2-3%)

Enbridge – ENB

–          Current dividend yield of 2.75%

–          Over the past 5 years, ENB has increased its annual dividend by 11%

–          EPS growth of 10% per year for the past 5 years

–          Owns 50% interest in Alliance Pipeline and 50% of Seaway Crude Pipeline

Read the full ENB stock analysis here.



George Weston – WN

–          Current dividend yield of 2.24%

–          Profit soared 50% in recent quarter

–          Owns a 63% of Loblaw (L)

–          Sales growth improved by the acquisition of Keystone Bakery Holdings and ACE Bakery in 2010

Read the full WN stock analysis here.



Loblaw – L

–          Current dividend yield of 2.32%

–          Canada’s largest food retailer

–          Above average EPS

–          Just got out of a 5 years restructuring plan with success (+ IT spending)

Read the full L stock analysis here.


High Dividend Payout (3% and above)


Telus – T

–          Current dividend yield of 4.36%

–          Management team announced a 10% dividend raise for 2012-2013

–          Dominant position in Western Canada

–          High smartphone penetration

Lucky you! You have 3 articles to read on Telus:

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TD Bank – TD

–          Current dividend yield of 3.94%

–          Second largest bank in Canada in term of assets

–          The most risk productive bank in Canada (e.g. more earnings relative to its risk-weighted assets)

–          Earning volatility lower than its peers due to less exposition to capital markets

Read the full TD stock analysis here.


That’s it for today! In the upcoming days, I’ll be putting up more stocks on Canadian Dividend Stock (most likely the REITs section to be done by December!).


Stay tuned 😉



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